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Sonik S3 Carp Rod (40mm)
Sonik S3 Carp Rod (40mm)

Sonik S3 Carp Rod (40mm)
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Also new for 2016 and replacing the previous SK3XTR range, these are the ideal all round players rod, which excel fishing a wide range of waters at mid to long range. With a progressive middle to tip action, they are lovely rods to play fish with – powerful enough to cope, but forgiving enough to eliminate hook pulls at close range.

With subtle ‘in vogue’ all black cosmetics, they are sure-fire best sellers for the progressing carp angler looking to up their game without breaking the bank. Light and well balanced in the hand, the multi-modulus carbon fibre blanks load easily and will cast surprising distances with relative ease.

Also available with full cork or slim shrink handles in both 40mm and 50mm versions, the range also includes a number of shorter 9’ and 10’ models for anglers fishing smaller waters or at close range. Upgraded fittings and cosmetics include custom black DPS 18mm reel seat, lightweight black double leg SIC guides, custom Sonik line clip, laser etched butt cap and neat logo applied at 90 degrees just above the handle for subtle good looks.

  • Ultra-powerful low resin carbon fibre blanks incorporating 1K carbon weave on butt section
  • Available in full cork or slim shrink wrap handles in both 40mm and 50mm versions
  • Line-friendly side mounted custom Sonik line clip
  • Lightweight double leg black 50mm SIC guides
  • Custom black Sonik DPS 18mm reel seat
  • Black, laser etched butt cap
  • Silver tippings
Sonik S3 Carp Rod 12' - 2.75lbs Slim Shrink (40mm)
2.75lbs12' (3.66m)699.99 lei
Sonik S3 Carp Rod 12' - 2.75lbs Cork (40mm)
2.75lbs12' (3.66m)
699.99 lei
Sonik S3 Carp Rod 12' - 3.00lbs Slim Shrink (40mm)
3.00lbs12' (3.66m)
699.99 lei
Sonik S3 Carp Rod 12' - 3.00lbs Cork (40mm)3.00lbs12' (3.66m)
699.99 lei

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Sonik S3 Carp Rod (40mm)
Sonik S3 Carp Rod (40mm)
Sonik S3 Carp Rod (40mm)

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